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Journal Publications 


2022. "Should German Courts Prosecute Syrian International Crimes? Revisiting the ‘Dual Foundation’ Thesis” Ethics & International Affairs.  

2022. "Cruel Intentions: Liberal Logics and the Processes of International Criminalization" Global Studies Quarterly.

2021. "Confronting the Pandemic: COVID-19 as a Mass Death Event" with Katharine M. Millar and Martin J. Bayly. Ethics & International Affairs

2020. “Claiming Equality: African Union’s Contestation of the Anti-Impunity Norm” with Sophie T Rosenberg. International Studies Review

Book Chapters 


2019. "International Criminal Justice as Political Strategy: Asymmetry of Opportunity?" in Melissa Labonte and Kurt Mills eds. Accessing and Implementing Human Rights and JusticeGlobal Institutions Series. Abingdon, UK: Routledge For purchase here (also in ebook)

2018. “International Relations: Between Theory and Practice, the National and International” in Jacques Schumacher and Jonathan Waterlow eds. War Crimes Trials and Investigations: A Multi-Disciplinary Introduction. St. Antony’s Series. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan

Policy Output 

2020. (with Katharine M. Millar, Martin Bayly, Katharina Kuhn, and Irene Morlino) Confronting the COVID-19 Pandemic: Grief, Loss, and Social Order. Policy Report.

2020. (with Katharine M. Millar, Martin Bayly, Katharina Kuhn, and Irene Morlino) "Britain Avoids Talking about COVID-19 Deaths. This is a Mistake." Blogpost. 

2020. (with Katharine M. Millar and Martin Bayly) "Communicating the Pandemic: Bolstering Social Cohesion in the Context of a Second Wave" Policy Brief. 

2020. (with Katharine M. Millar and Martin Bayly) "The Challenge and Necessity of Commemorating COVID-19" Policy Brief.


2020. "Review of A World Divided: The Global Struggle for Human Rights in the Age of Nation-States by Eric D. Weitz." International Affairs, Volume 96 (3), pages 812-814

2017. “Rebirth of Universal Jurisdiction?” Ethics and International Affairs Journal Blog 

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