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University of Oxford (2021 - Present)

  • Course Convener: International Relations in the era of the Cold War  

  • Lecturer: Methods in International Relations, Core module on International Relations  

  • Tutorial (seminar) instructor for modules: International Relations, MPhil core seminar on International Relations, International Relations in the Era of the Cold War

LSE (2017- 2021) 

Undergraduate (BSc) Courses 

  • Course Convener: IR100 "International Relations: Theories, Concepts, Debates" (2019- Present) 

  • Lecturer: IR100 "International Relations: Theories, Concepts, Debates" (2017- Present) 

  • Lecturer: IR200 "International Political Theory" (2017-2019) 

Post-Graduate (MSc) Courses

  • Seminar instructor: IR410 "International Politics" (2017-Present) 

  • Lecturer: IR436/IR410 "Theories of International Politics" (2017- Present) 

Dissertation Advising 

  • I have advised BSc third year dissertations and MSc dissertations on topics broadly related to the politics of international law and constructivist IR theory. Examples of topics include: 

    • Native norm contestation and colonial law in Latin America ​

    • Linguistic imperialism and the construction of the 'universal human' in the UDHR 

    • 'Individualisation' of responsibility for environmental harm in international law

    • Security Council dynamics and ICC referrals 

    • Norm regress and America's assassination of Soleimani 

    • Discourse of childhood as a site of power in international law: case of 'ISIS Children'

University of Oxford (2014-2017) 

  • Tutor for undergraduate paper "International Relations Theory" at St Catherine's College (2017); Wadham College (2017); Worcester College (2014-2015) 

  • Tutor for undergraduate paper "International Human Rights", Worcester College (2014-2015)

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